Author, Speaker, & Philanthropist


Toni has written multiple works of various genres and has provided leadership to thousands of young people through teaching and mentoring.

This author devotes herself to creating meaningful stories through which people can connect virtue and value with real life acts because…

Toni believes that words can change the world. 

Having just completed a screenplay based upon the true story of Robert Vincent Cappodano, Toni is currently focused on writing the first three books of the SEASONINGS trilogy.  These are slated for launch in the near future. Additionally, Toni authored THE ONLY THING, an award-winning novel recognized at the annual Writers’ League of Texas competition. She has authored eight original screenplays, several of which have been optioned.

As a certified teacher, for over 30 years, Toni devoted her life to children of all ages. She founded and administered DreamTenders Academy for the gifted, the artistic, and the creatively curious. She later founded LENK (Ladies Élan and New Knights), a program where Toni and young leaders committed themselves to years of rigorous immersion into entrepreneurship, culture, problem-solving, service, and social graces. Toni’s students and protégés have flourished as entrepreneurs and recognized leaders in church, community, and home.

More recently, Toni founded BOOTS TO FILL, LLC – a venue through which any group may raise money to help a child in need. This unique concept asks the donors to contribute a pair of boots, a few bucks and encouraging words to make a permanent difference in one person’s life.

Losses and trials in Toni’s story have convinced her that if you believe God for more, believe yourself for more, leave words of hope for every step, and heal yourself by helping others then those within reach will be better for it. In her view, an individual can never medicate or meditate pain away. She believes that we must open our eyes to people-invest, serve, touch, sacrifice, engage. Anyone can transform holes to wholeness by loving others.  Toni’s pain makes her passion – she want to use it for good.

“I believe that we’re all menders and tenders. How we address the pinholes and potholes of those in our personal realm does a great deal more to define us than the statistics of our birth certificates or resumes. That’s how I’d like to be quantified…

Wherever my courage failed, I helped someone else.
So my heart healed and so became one measure sounder.”


“A very special THANK YOU to my family and close friends for their support. Love Always, Toni.”